Bomber Free Download PC Game

Bomber is a fun time killer game with 20 levels. Good morning all! And a special greeting to those who know me from the game.

Bomber Free Download PC Game
Bomber Free Download

Bomber Free Download PC Game:

3D Visual Novel Maker

If you are surprised by this new game, I will explain to you. This game was not created by me, but by my nephew, who is studying for a programmer and has completed the 1st year of studies. I hope you will not judge very carefully and will not support it. When he learns to program better, he will be able to help me in other projects, and therefore I will be able to publish even more updates according to your wishes. You also download Battlefield 4 Free Download for PC.


1. The player must find the key hidden behind the walls to open the door and complete the level.

2. The player can pick up certain types of microphones hidden behind the walls, each microphone has its own functionality.

3. Pickup Range Bomb Increases the range of the bomb to destroy walls in all directions for a period of time.

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4. Collecting multiple bombs allows the player to place multiple bombs even if there is already a bomb on the stage.

5. Speed ​​Pick Up Increases the player’s movement speed.

6. The heart / life pickup gives the player an extra life.

7. Shield pickup Protects the player against loss of life for a period of time when the shield is activated.

Keyboard and joystick controls:

Left: left arrow, A, left horizontal axis

Right: right arrow, D, right horizontal axis

Up: up arrow, W, upper vertical axis

Bottom: down arrow, S, bottom vertical axis

Set bomb: space, joystick button 0

Return: joystick button 1

Restart: joystick 2 button

Start the next level: joystick button 3

System Requirements of Bomber Free Download PC Game:

  • IOS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz processor like i5 or better
  • Ram: 2 GB RAM, DirectX compatible

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Bomber Free Download PC Game

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